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Growing Texas focuses on the water-energy nexus and how it impacts the economy in Texas. Our partners leverage resources from across the Texas A&M System – involving professors, researchers, and economic developers – to bring attention to the challenges and opportunities we face regarding water resources in Texas.

Recent drought conditions in Texas have focused public scrutiny on the increasing demands placed on our state’s water supplies and on technologies to obtain fresh water, such as desalination and recycling wastewater. Texas A&M University researchers, state agency partners and other industry collaborators are coordinating efforts to study water use and reuse in several energy arenas across the state.

The Growing Texas initiative was born out of a conference series funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration. Through a grant from EDA, the Texas Engineering Extension Service was able to host several conferences across the state emphasizing sustainability and economic growth in rural communities. We would like to thank EDA for their vision and investment in bringing attention to these issues in our state.